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What Is The Southern Gospel Music Guild?
The Southern Gospel Music Guild is a dedicated group of Southern Gospel professionals committed to furthering the spread of the Gospel through Southern Gospel music worldwide.

How Did The Guild Originate?
Several Southern Gospel music leaders decided in 1986 that the industry needed an organization to foster the growth of the Southern Gospel music genre. Through the years, the Guild has grown to include every facet of the Southern Gospel music industry, encompassing artists (full-time and part-time), record companies, radio people, promoters, publishers, distributors, talent management, media representatives, booking agents and others.

What Are The Guild’s Plans for Tomorrow?
Looking beyond the needs of today, the Guild hopes to positively affect the future of the industry. Through communication and education, we hope to significantly impact the image and awareness of Southern Gospel music for generations to come. This is accomplished by a variety of means – getting Southern Gospel music before many people and promoting quality and professionalism within the indutry. By working together we can learn how to better utilize our skills. And through extensive and persistent efforts to increase the visibility of and appreciation for our music,we can touch tomorrow today. Your partnership in the Guild will make us stronger today and offers an opportunity to enhance the future of Southern Gospel music.

How Will I Benefit From Being A Guild Member?
By being a part of the Southern Gospel Music Guild, your voice makes a difference in many ways:

By working together, building on our collective knowledge and experience, we can all benefit. The Guild provides its members the opportunity to learn from and interact with other leaders in the industry.

The Guild also provides a forum for discussion of issues and needs arising within the industry. But most importantly, each member knows he or she has played an integral part in the betterment of Southern Gospel music.

How Does The Guild Do Its Work?
The Guild board, made up of all “Participating” members, meets three or more times a year, usually in Nashville, usually on Tuesdays. Most of the actual work of the Guild is handled by committees, which meet in conjunction with those quarterly meetings and additionally as may be called by the committee chairperson. Committees report to the full board for final action on committee proposals.

How Can I Join The Guild?
If you derive a portion of your income from Southern Gospel music, you are eligible to join the Guild. The Guild’s reorganizational meeting is held each fall during the National Quartet Convention. The Guild’s membership “year” runs from NQC to NQC. Membership must be approved by the Guild board. Click here to complete the membership form.

There are two membership types available from which to choose when joining the Guild.

  • Participating Members
    Participating Members have full voting rights on the Guild board, with annual membership dues of $500. Additional Participating members from any one organization are able to join for $100 each per year. (Limit four Participating Members per oganization.)
  • Supporting Members
    Supporting Members share in the Guild’s goals, but for whatever reason, are unable to join at the Participating level. Membership dues for Supporting Members are just $75 per year. Supporting Members do not attend regular board meetings, but are always encouraged to share their concerns and ideas for the betterment of Southern Gospel music.

How to Join the Guild

Please fill out the form, print and fax to (615) 595-7501 with your credit card information or mail to the address below with your check.

Southern Gospel Music Guild
c/o Beckie Simmons Agency
5543 Edmondson Pike #10
Nashville, TN 37211–5808